Lok Mela to commence from Nov 25.

ISLAMABAD -- The National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa) on Friday announced that the annual folk festival of Pakistan 'Lok Mela' would begin from Nov 25 and continue for 10 days and is dedicated towards raising funds for those affected by the devastating floods that hit several areas of the country earlier this year.

The institute has been organising the mega cultural event annually since the last four decades.

The aim behind organising the festival is promotion of indigenous folk heritage and encouraging traditional practitioners including master artisans, folk artists, folk musicians, and rural performers to demonstrate their skills and win recognition of their talent at a national level.

A part of the revenue generated through the event would be donated to the Prime Minister's Flood Relief Fund. The main features of the festival include provincial cultural pavilions, folk music and dance ensembles, traditional cuisine, crafts bazaar, cultural evenings and award ceremonies.

One of the major features of the festival is Dastarbandi/Chadarposhi which is a way of proclaiming Lok Virsa's commitment towards the high stature that craftspeople and folk artists have in the cultural mainstream of the nation.

This year, Dastarbanidi/Chadarposhi of one...

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