Local Govt deptt issued SOPs for holding Bakra Mandis on Eid Ul Azha.


PESHAWAR -- The Local Government, Elections and Rural Development Department on Thursday issued instructions establishment of all Bakra Mandis outside municipal limits of cities and ensuring ban on sale anpurchase of sacrificial animals in city limits.

These instructions/SOPs were issued for strict compliance for holding Bakra Mandis (Sacrificial Animal Markets) during Eid Ul Azha 2020.

Establishment and Operations of Bakra Mandis:

Other key instructions include establishment of Bakra Mandis as late as possible, preferably on start of Zilhaj; Inspection and certification of each Bakra Mandi by District Administration and banning all unregistered markets; Encouragement of Central/ Collective Qurbani through various public, private and community organizations; increase in number of Bakra Mandis instead of having one large Mandi to avoid larger gatherings;

It has been directed to make sure functionalization of Bakra Mandis round the clock to avoid congestion.

Preferably, a standard layout of Mandi may be adopted as a reference for management of Mandis (enclosed), however, adjustment in layout can be made, if required under Local conditions; Encouragement of utilization of all three days of Eid for...

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