Literary figures call for Imposition of Urdu as official language.


ISLAMABAD -- Literary figures at a national seminar here Tuesday called for taking serious steps for Imposition of National Language Urdu as official language for not only promoting it among young generation but also preserve it's identity.

The seminar "Needs of Present Age and Imposition of National Language" was arranged by National Language Promotion Department (NLPD) while literary figures including Dr Ihsan Akber, Dr Najeeba Arif, Dr Iftikhar Arif, Prof Fateh Muhammed Malik and others expressed their views on the subject.

They said national institutions including NLPD have taken sufficient measures to promote Urdu language and now it is the time for collective efforts to make Urdu as official language of Pakistan.

Highlighting various obstacles for adopting Urdu as official language, advocate Kokab Iqbal shared his experience including verdict of Supreme Court of Pakistan on his petition pertaining to Promotion and implementation of Urdu language as official language.

Quaid e Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah announced to make Urdu as national language and they should take every stand for making it official language, he said.

Dr Najeeba Arif said Urdu language has the national identity but only in the...

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