Literacy Program benefits 4 million rural women.

ISLAMABAD -- Around 4 million rural women got benefitted from National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) Literacy Programme highlighting the importance of education and education for the empowerment of rural women.

Talking to reporter, Director General NCHD Hassan Baig said the importance of education in remote areas, especially for women. He said NCHD's Literacy program is focusing on rural women.

Director General NCHD reiterated the need for the allocation of proper finances for the Literacy and Non-Formal Education for the eradication of illiteracy through Adult Literacy Programs and to mainstream the dropouts through Non-Formal Accelerated Learning Program.

He said education is the single equalizer for the society needs to invest in education for the nation. NCHD was established to support the line departments.

The project endeavors to improve the basic and functional literacy skills of rural women...

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