Leveraging influencers in pr can generate talkability for brands.


Pakistan PR Influencers' Chat (@PakistanPR) which is a Twitter based forum to facilitate conversations amongst Public Relations professionals in Pakistan, had its third online conversation under the hashtag #PakistanPRchat. The PR exclusive interaction which was hosted by Warda Iqbal, Head of Client Services at BBPR and Events, discussed the role of influencers in PR and how it's evolving with the passage of time and advancements in technology.

The discussion started from what all a brand should see while taking an influencer on-board and how they can leverage that influencer's following to bring out their message. Seamless brand integration with influencer and content designed keeping the audience in mind is important.

Influencers are like opinion makers, they mould and steer their followers, the way they want to but their personality should match with brand or corporate personality. They also play a vital role in increasing sales of a product, as most people wait for feedback from their favorite influencers before making a purchase. Therefore picking the right ones can help in creating a positive brand image.

Moreover in Pakistan the trend of Micro and Nano influencers is slowly emerging and a lot of companies are shifting from macro to Micro and even Nano influencers as they are effective, economical and have the ability to reach more...

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