Lettergate: Language of threat letter changed three times, Sources.

ISLAMABAD -- Former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi under the directions of former premier Imran Khan changed the language and words of the threatening letter three times, sources revealed.

Ex Pakistan Ambassador to US Asad Majid strongly protested over it as well and presented his resignation.

Asad Majid, foreign secretary and Moeed Yousuf, former Special Assistant to PM on national security will unveil the facts about this threatening letter during a press conference within a few days.

Sources further said tremendous pressure was piled on Asad Majid by the former government and asked him to remain silent on the lettergate issue. And IK government also threatened him that if he makes any disclosure about this letter then all the burden will be shifted on him and his service can be affected badly.

Upon it Asad Majid sent his resignation to foreign secretary, which is held by him up till now.

Sources disclosed Asad Majid is now returning to Pakistan following the...

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