Legal snags hit PTI chief's release prospects.

ISLAMABAD -- The prospect of PTI Chairman Imran Khan's immediate release from Attock Jail, should his sentence in the Toshakhana (gift repository) reference be suspended, appears to be increasingly unlikely.

Imran Khan, the former premier, is now embroiled in a more intricate legal situation due to his involvement in the "cypher" case, an official classified document, and an audio leaks case, all falling under the purview of the Official Secrets Act.

The predicament dictates that Imran Khan must seek bails in both these cases through legal proceedings within the court system. This development complicates his situation further.

During a public gathering last year, Imran Khan drew attention to a diplomatic cable, which he alleged to be the "cypher." In his claim, he pointed towards a supposed "foreign conspiracy" aimed at removing him from power. This assertion followed his ousting from office in April, facilitated by a vote of no-confidence.

However, the diplomatic cable reportedly went missing from Imran's possession, casting shadows of uncertainty.

On August 5, following a trial court's verdict that found him guilty of falsifying asset declarations to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Imran Khan was arrested and confined to Attock Jail. This judicial decision also led to his disqualification for a five-year term, seemingly dimming his prospects for participation in the elections slated for November this year.

Naeem Haider Panjutha, the senior counsel of Imran Khan's legal team, emphasized the significance of Article 10/1 of the Constitution, which mandates that individuals detained in any case must be promptly informed of their arrest and presented before the court within 24 hours. Panjutha underscored that neither Imran Khan nor his legal team had been notified about his arrest in the cypher case.

In September 2022, an audio clip surfaced on social media, purportedly featuring a conversation between Imran Khan and his then-principal secretary, Azam Khan, regarding the diplomatic cypher. In the audio, Imran Khan was heard allegedly saying, "We have to play with this. Don't take America's name, just play with...

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