Learning values.

IT seems that as we grow older, we tend to be more undisciplined and unscrupulous compared to our younger selves. From being a child running errands sincerely and honestly to a schoolgoing child, neat and clean, fresh as dew drops, disciplined and careful in speech, to an untidy and uncouth adult we seem to have lost a lot and reversed the gains of our earlier phases.

The blame for this reversal does not entirely rest on us. The decay has other witting and unwitting accomplices as well. The kind of education we got exposed to has miserably failed to inculcate refinement and responsibility. The education system these days tends to focus more on rote learning while ignoring the important task of imparting values.

Moreover, the shifting sands of life, the environment and exposure to people from all walks of life and their underhand tactics, lack of self-reflection and rebukes by elders or contemporaries have also played their part in ruining us as individuals.

Besides, mindless and ever-increasing social media usage has shifted the focus from ourselves to the world dominated by useless content in the name of...

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