LDA seals car showrooms, eatery and tyre shop.

LAHORE -- A team of the Lahore Development Authority's Town Planning Wing (Zone-II) on Monday launched a major operation on Multan Road, sealing seven business premises, including five authorised dealers of automobile companies.

According to official sources, the LDA team led by the town planning director (Zone-II) sealed the premises after their owners built structures in violation of the building regulations and land use rules without getting commercial status for their properties.

The businesses premises sealed by the team included Suzuki Adil Zafar Motors, Toyota Ravi Motors, ISUZU Ravi Motors, Haval GMC Motors, Honda Haseeb Motors, KFC Thokar and a tyre shop.

'Around 15 days ago, the business premises were served notices to visit LDA and furnish the record related to the property (revenue record, commercial status, land use conversion etc) within 10 days.

But they didn't do it, forcing the authority to take this action,' LDA Director Salman Mehfooz told Dawn when contacted.

He said the Multan Road is list-A road that means it is opened to commercial activities after approval from the LDA.

'But the aforementioned premises have no commercial status that can be obtained under the law after paying the requisite fee to the LDA.

Moreover, there are also some flaws in construction of the structures that can also be regularised if allowed under the...

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