'Laws for senior citizens remain unenforced'.

HYDERABAD -- The SenAior Citizens OrganisAation Pakistan, which has been founded recently to safeguard rights of old people, has complained that legal framework envisaging many good things for senior citizens exists on paper but their implementation remains a far cry from what the law intends.

The organisation's president Dr Rafiqul Hassan Khokhar, general secretary Dr Illahi Bux and other office bearers said at a joint news conference at local press club the other day that they had founded the forum to safeguard rights of seniors without any discrimination so that they could get benefits of all the laws that had been enacted for them so far by the government.

Dr Khokhar said that this organisation was meant for protecting all legal rights of senior citizens and it would, among other activities, hold dinners or lunches and arrange fun trips for its members to different areas.

He said that the organisation was a realisation of some likeminded people's efforts. They did not represent any particular class and would welcome every senior citizen to the forum without any consideration of caste, creed and colour, he said.

He said that senior citizens would be eligible to become members of the organisation after paying Rs2,000 annual fee and executive committee of the organisation could waive even this fee if someone did not have financial resources to pay it.

He said the organsiation had 15 founding members and it would not seek any office from the government as it wanted to work only as stakeholder in society for senior citizens to support them in the best possible ways.

Dr Illahi Bux told journalists that laws were enacted at provincial level which led to the...

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