Laurels for Pakistan: Noor Zaman wins 29th Asian Junior Squash Championship title.

PESHAWAR -- International Noor Zaman of Pakistan, the grandson of legendary British Open Squash Champion Qamar Zaman, won 29th edition of the Asian Junior Squash Championship played at Pattaya, Thailand on Sunday.

Noor Zaman, a promising squash star, entered the Asian Junior Squash Championship at second seeded, recorded victory against J. Chuah of Malaysia in a thrilling 3-1 battle that lasted for 52-minute.

Noor Zaman raced up to victory in the first set at 11-9, but failed to click in the second as J. Chuah of Malaysia won by 10-12.

However, Noor Zaman saved the tally on a couple of occasions including at 5-5, 6-6, 7-7, 8-8, 9-9, 10-10 but he failed to win the set and lost it at 10-12.

J. Shuah of Malaysia played well and got two nick shorts by taking the set 10-12.

It was the third set in which Noor Zaman marched towrds victory at 11-5.

It was easy sailing and after winning the third set by 11-5, Noor Zaman did not look behind and raced up to victory by winning another set 11-9 to close the fate of his Malaysian rival at 3-1 in the U19 category.

Only Noor Zaman succeeded in winning the gold medal and glittering trophy for Pakistan in the 29th edition of the Asian Junior Championship.

Talking to reporter, Noor Zaman thanked Allah for gaining such a success for Pakistan after four years. He termed the prayers of countrymen, his parents, and the hard work of the coaches are the key to his success.

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