Large study finds clear association between fitness and mental health.


ISLAMABAD -- New research from a large study demonstrates that low cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength have a significant association with worse mental health. Researchers have reported a clear link between low physical fitness and the risk of experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or both. The study, which included more than 150,000 participants, found that cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength independently contribute to a greater risk of worse mental health. However, the

researchers saw the most significant association when they looked at cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength in combination. The research may help inform clinical guidance on mental health and physical fitness. Problems with mental health, just like physical health issues, can have a significant negative effect on a person's life. Two of the more common mental health conditions are anxiety and

depression. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 18.1% of adults in the United States have experienced an anxiety...

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