Lahore police arrested 46,157 criminals in 2019.


LAHORE -- The Lahore police arrested 46,157 alleged criminals in the outgoing year 2019.

Official sources said police arrested 2,090 members of 871 dacoit gangs and recovered over Rs 155 million from them. Another 2,267 cases of robberies and dacoities were also solved during investigation from these criminals.

During action against illegal weapons in the city, Lahore police arrested 5,285 criminals, while 5,270 cases were registered against them in different police stations of the city.

Police also recovered 65 Kalashnikovs, 260 rifles, 203 guns, 4,108 pistols, five carbines, 85 daggers and thousands of bullets from the accused.

During action against drug-peddlers, police arrested 7,253 criminals and recovered over 82kg heroin, 2326kg charas, 6.681kg Ice, more than 177kg opium and 19,8791 litres of liquor.

Lahore police arrested 5,089 persons allegedly involved in gambling and...

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