Lack of skilled hands poses threat to survival of clay pots.

MULTAN -- South Punjab, once a hub of clay pots for kitchen, is facing a shortage of skilled hands as most of traditional artisans families have shifted their focus on other businesses and ignored it due to low economic returns.

The use of clay pots was still common in rural areas of the region, however, some elite families as well as hotel owners were taking interest in the use of clay pots especially for cooking, said Mohammad Iqbal, a shopkeeper at Doulat Gate, while talking to reporter here on Sunday.

He said that the demand of clay pots was higher than its supply and low supply was due to lack of skilled workers. Most of the artisans could not convince their children to learn clay pots manufacturing skills.

Mohammad Iqbal said that customers were interested in different articles, including pitchers, clay water-cooler,

"Piyala" (cup), "kondi", "handi", jug, "Matka", glass, "Chaati", kids toys, and lamps for lighting at shrines besides

other articles.

The shopkeeper observed that prices of clay pots were ranged from Rs 20 to Rs 300, depending upon size and beauty of utensils.

Meanwhile, Artisan Mohammad Ramzan Lakhwera of...

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