Lack of low-cost cigarettes in UAE to help smokers kick the habit.

Position:United Arab Emirates

Smokers are looking to reduce the number of cigarettes they light up or kick the butt altogether with new pricing requirements announced by the government on Tuesday.

From December 1, the minimum price of a cigarette will be 40 fils or Dh8 for a pack of 20, according to a directive issued by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

"This means that a pack of 20 cigarettes, previously sold at Dh4, must now be priced at a minimum of Dh8. The new Dh8 retail price includes VAT (value-added tax) and excise tax," a tax expert explained.

A quick of survey of some convenience stores revealed that the cheapest pack of cigarette available is priced at Dh5. This will go up to Dh8 come December 1.

Thomas Vanhee, partner at Aurifer...

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