KU holds awareness seminar on breast cancer.

KARACHI -- Karachi University's (KU) Sociology Department Chairperson Prof. Dr Rana Saba Sultan said that thousands of women suffer from breast cancer in the country due to the lack of awareness while majority of them lose their lives. She said due to lack of awareness, South Asian countries particularly Pakistan, the death rate of breast cancer patients is high. Majority of ladies in Pakistan are diagnosed in last stage which is a dilemma.

Any change and irregular feeling on breasts may be a symptom of breast cancer; women shouldn't ignore it and contact their doctor. She was addressing at the awareness seminar on breast cancer organized by department of sociology in collaboration with Nusrat Education and Health Welfare Trust.

She added that the purpose of this seminar is to raise awareness regarding breast cancer in the country. She briefed the audience about the major details of the diseases and called for...

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