KU and lack of ramps.

ALL successive administrations over the years failed to facilitate the life of the physically-challenged students at Karachi University (KU). As a result, such students continue to face challenges even today in this modern age and world in terms of transportation and getting education.

For instance, none of the old buildings on the campus has been built with ramps to facilitate the movement of wheelchairs. Besides, many of the lecture halls have tiered seating arrangements, which makes it impossible for the physically-challenged to be part of such lectures.

Even the relatively new buildings that have been constructed over the last two decades are no better in this critical regard. These basic facilities include a ramp at the entrance of every building, a specially-designed separate washroom, and an elevator or a ramp allowing access to the first floor of any building.

It should be noted that 2pc of total seats at the university are earmarked for physically-challenged students under the special quota system. And yet there is no facilitation for them.

Some of the old buildings, including the Dr Mahmud Husain Library (pictured above), were built decades ago and...

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