KP is next.

PESHAWAR -- Khyber PakhAtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan may initiate the process to dissolve the provincial assembly as and when the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly is duly notified, a senior cabinet figure told Dawn on Thursday, an assertion later confirmed by PTI leader Asad Umar.

The KP government spokesman, Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif, said that legally, it took at least 48 hours for any assembly to be dissolved after a summary was signed and sent to the governor. However, he said that the process of dissolving the KP Assembly would begin after the Punjab Assembly was dissolved.

He also said that there was no hurdle stopping the government from dissolving the KP Assembly.

Meanwhile, Mr Umar told DawnNews that the next step was the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly.

When asked when the KP Assembly was going to be dissolved, he said it 'should be dissolved in the next 48 hours'.

On a question if there had been a final settlement between PTI and PML-Q on seat adjustment, he said there was no definitive number of the seats that the PML-Q was asking.


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