KP govt unveils austerity drive in tehsil admins.


Peshawar -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Department has issued orders to ensure austerity in the financial affairs of all tehsil municipal administrations of the province.

Talking about the details of the ongoing orders, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Local Government Kamran Bangash said that uncontrolled non-development expenditure of TMAs has always led to budget deficit.

He said that 30% cut was imposed on utility bills, internet and travel and duty allowance, while a ban has been imposed on new recruitments and job creation in loss-making TMAs.

Regarding new appointments and vacancies in Tehsil Municipal Administrations, Bangash said that for new appointments and vacancies, it will be mandatory to seek permission from the Local Council Board. In addition, all TMAs are required to use a fuel card, so that petrol and other expenses can be digitized in the same way. He further said that those TMAs which do not have Pakistan State Oil pumps within their limits are bound to make fuel cards from a private Oil Pump.

Talking about making the use of vehicles more economical at the level of Tehsil Municipal Administration, Special Assistant for Local Government Kamran Bangash said that TMAs will not be allowed to use vehicles outside their limits while for official meetings scheduled during office hours TMA vehicles can be taken out of their range.

Kamran Bangash, while pointing out accountability, said that the relevant orders would be implemented strictly.

He added they are striving hard to make the accountability process transparent and save the public assets.

Elaborating about the newly merged districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Special Assistant said that TMAs of the settled districts other than the merged districts would not be able to buy any new vehicles. Furthermore, no unauthorized employee will be allowed to use the vehicle. He clarified that the concerned TMO would be responsible for any manipulation or deviation of the...

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