KP Govt develops five projects for strengthening of water management in erstwhileFata.


PESHAWAR -- The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has devoloped five gigantic projects worth Rs 3950 million for strengthening of water management and irrigation services during 2019-20 in erstwhile Fata.

To bolster and conserve water resources in all seven tribal districts, the Government has developed a comprehensive plan to construct Jaba dam in Khyber tribal district for which Rs700 million were proposed for current fiscal year.

It would help conserve water for irrigation and drinking purposes besides bringing the vast unproductive lands under agriculture net.

Under a 10-year Accelerated Integrated Program (AIP) being implemented through Planning and Agriculture Department KP to expedite pace of economic development in erstwhileFata, the Government has embarked on a ambitious plan to construct multifaceted Bara dam in Khyber tribal district to increase agricultural productivity, officials sources told reporter on Sunday.

The Government has proposed allocation of Rs 230 million for this mega project under which solid efforts would be made to bring water to Peshawar from Bara dam.

Remodeling and extension of Bara River canal system in Khyber district worth Rs 200 million would be made.

To conserve rainy flood water in North Waziristan tribal district, the Government has prepared a plan for rehabilitation of Dandy small dam in North Waziristan with a proposed allocation of Rs 150 million for current fiscal year to alleviate poverty through agriculture and livestock development.

Work on construction of small check dams and water storage reservoirs in merged areas with a allocation of Rs 380 million and building of small dams at feasibility sites costing Rs 380 million would commence in current fiscal year.

Similarly, Rs 680 million for multiple purposes Gomal Zam dam in North Waziristan and Rs 100 million for Kurram Tangi dam stage-II in North Waziristan have been proposed for financial year 2019-20.

The Government has devoloped an inclusive mechanism for construction and improvement of irrigation channels and water pounds with an estimated cost of Rs 380 million in current fiscal, construction of Kundiwan Weir in South Waziristan costing Rs 320 million and new solar tube wells and solarization of existing tubes wells for which Rs 100 million were proposed for 2019-20.

Focus would be made on institutional strengthening, capacity building of staff and construction of official infrastructure of the irrigation department with a proposed allocation...

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