KP Governor inaugurates road to be constructed with Rs 1.53 billions.

PESHAWAR -- Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Haji Ghulam Ali along with Provincial Minister Sawak Nazir Wednesday inaugurated Detour Road Hayatabad, which is being constructed at a total cost of Rs 1.53 billions besides planting trees and installing street lights on the road for convenience of the local population.

Provincial Ministers Haji Manzoor Afridi, Abdul Halim Kasuria, Hamid Shah, Fazl Elahi, Muhammad Shafiullah, Advisor to Prisons Haji Hidayatullah were also present.

With the construction of Detour Road, the heavy transport will have easy access to Afghanistan, and the local population will also be facilitated in transportation, the governor said.

Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) officials in their briefing about the project said that the two-way Detour Road with a length of three kilometers was completed at a cost of Rs 1.53 billion.

It was told in the briefing that the construction of the road would not only facilitate heavy goods vehicles going to Afghanistan, but the road would also be helpful for commercial traffic.

In the briefing, it was stated that the construction of this road would relieve the local population of Hayatabad from traffic problems.

Terming the construction of Detour Road as a good initiative of the PDA, the governor directed to plant trees on sides of the road.

This would not only increase beauty of the road but also provide a green environment, he added.

He also directed to install street lights on the road for convenience of the local population.

Haji Ghulam Ali said that the construction of the two-lane road consisting of four lanes would ensure that the local population of Hayatabad would not have to suffer from heavy traffic problems.

The governor said: 'We all have a common responsibility for the construction and beauty of the roads of Peshawar and I wish that open and paved roads and shade trees are available in every place in Peshawar and for this purpose, I have been taking all possible efforts and steps on my behalf for the last 40 years.'

He said practical steps had been taken to extend the roads of the city.

He said that like in foreign countries, there should be such a system here that one or two trees should be made mandatory for the construction of houses, because trees played a fundamental role in the atmosphere.

The governor said that the caretaker provincial government was providing relief to the people according to its policies and powers.

'I will also like to ask the provincial ministers...

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