KP CM enquires after health of cops injured during PTI protests.

Peshawar -- The Caretaker Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azam Khan, visited the Police and Services Hospital in Peshawar on Thursday to inquire about the well: being of police officials who were injured in recent violent protests.

Azam Khan individually met with the injured policemen and presented each of them with a bouquet. Accompanying him were Inspector General Police Akhtar Hayat, CCPO Peshawar Ijaz Khan, and other police officials.

Speaking to the media during the visit, the chief minister expressed his concern over the destructive protests that had taken place across the province over the past two days. He emphasized that while protest and freedom of expression are democratic and constitutional rights, it is regrettable to see private and public properties being damaged. He stressed the importance of peaceful demonstrations and condemned acts of vandalism disguised as protests.

'Engaging in vandalism under the pretext of protest is both illegal and...

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