KMC signs MoU with Afzal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation.

KARACHI -- Administrator Karachi, Sindh government's Spokesman and CM Advisor on Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Thursday said that the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation is providing free or very low cost medical diagnostic dialysis and treatment facility to employees and their family members.

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and Afzal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The MoU was signed by Municipal Commissioner Syed Afzal Zaidi and Dr. Asim Qadwai. Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon was also present on the occasion.

The Administrator said that Commissioner Karachi has played a key role in making this MoU possible. He said that as a result of this agreement, a long term relationship will be established between the two organizations which will benefit KMC employees.

Wahab said that the number of cases of Thalassemia in Pakistan is increasing alarmingly every year. People with the disease need regular blood transfusions and permanent treatment. He said that most people are not able to afford such expensive treatment and diagnosis on a monthly basis.

He said that Afzal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation has been providing free testing and treatment in Karachi for the last 20 years and that is why we have decided to work with them. "The initiative is also a social service aimed at paving the way for collaboration between civic organizations and creating an environment in which one part of the community can share the...

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