King's party or minus-Imran formula?

The sudden re-entry of some PTI defectors into politics and their meetings with party leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi in RawalpinAdi's Adiala Jail have given some strong hints that a plan is under way to materialize the old idea of 'minus-Imran formula.'

On the other hand, business tyAcoon and PTI dissident Jahangir Khan Tareen's recent political enAgagements in Islamabad and LaAhore also indicate the likelihood of formation of another king's party. In the context of Pakistan's politics, such parties had been esAtablished when the country was under the direct rule of the milAitary. Following their meetings with Qureshi, former informaAtion minister Fawad Chaudhry, along with two other PTI defecAtors including Imran Ismail and Mahmood Maulvi, told the media that people of Pakistan could not be left at the mercy of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), a coalition of ruling parties.

Chaudhry stated that discusAsions had been held with the former and present PTI leaderAship regarding the present sitAuation. He added that contact has been made with Asad Umar, Asad Qaiser, Ali Zaidi, Pervez Khattak. Hammad Azhar and others. The purpose is to find a solution to the current crisis in the country, he also said.

Soon after the presser of Chaudhry, some unconfirmed reports started doing the rounds on social media that these conAtacts were perhaps part of a proposal to run the PTI after excluding its chief and ex-preAmier Imran Khan. This instantly prompted some PTI leaders to clarify their position and rebut the plan being dubbed as 'miAnus Imran formula'.

PTI leader Hammad Azhar and the son of Qureshi immediAately reaffirmed their support to Chairman PTI...

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