Kids demand Love and affection.

Lahore -- This is the story of a 20: year: old young boys' recovery from autism. It had been a long challenging and tough time but ultimately, he did it. He did it with patience, perseverance and determination. Max was born to a very wealthy family. His father was a very successful and busy businessman. With his business spread across many countries, he often stayed abroad for business. His mother was mostly busy in her social work activities. This was the beginning of Max lonely and sad life. Due to their activities, it was very difficult for his parents to spare some time for him.So, he so he remained unattended during his early childhood and could not get the growth of his mind as other children of his age would get. Every morning Max's mother left home early, in her absence servants were supposed to look after Max. There was every facility and comfort provided to him by his parents. He had everything that anyone can imagine.

The only thing he longed for was love, care and attention from his parents. Unfortunately, the servants were not so honest and faithful as they should have been. So Max would lay there in his room among numerous lifeless toys. He is mind did not grow at the speed as other boy children did. Slowly and gradually the time passed and max remained as young and behind his age as his parents had left him unattended in childhood. It was first discovered by one of their relatives in a family gathering that Max has some mental issues as he was behaving weirdly and very childishly. That was the time when his parents realized that something was wrong with their boy and they realized their mistake by the time Max was ten. This was a very sad and alarming situation because of their negligence. their own son had been subjected to autism and it was next to impossible to see him living a normal life in the future to come.

They took him to the doctor who advised them on different practices and most importantly they love and attention. His mother quit all her commitments and dedicated herself to Max. She began to treat Max as a newborn baby. She took care of all the minute details. She started to teach him everything from the beginning. His father also began to visit his house frequently now. He would give maximum time to look after max and give him as much attention he could give. They also hide the best and most expensive teachers who was specialized to teach such students. Everyone was doing his best but it seemed impossible. Max...

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