Kidney stones: a precaution.

Byline: DR RAFIQUE ABBAS SHAR-Khairpur Mirs.

Pakistan lies notably as a stone belt of the countries with kidney stone prevalence, that starts with the Sindh and the worst incidences have been categorized in the Seraiki belt. The occurrences of kidney stone in the renal system, causes extreme pain, infections or sepsis, impact on kidney functioning and sometimes it may lead patients to death.

Additionally, 60% of cases and research work on urology has been dependent on kidney stones. It is sometimes an undiagnosed disease for many cases as it may cause loss of kidney function. Therefore, earlier checkups and diagnosis should be made and treatment according to complications will be given as par mandatory step to avoid further complications. The most used treatment for kidney stones removal is 'extracorporeal shock waves lithotripsy ' which is non-invasive and doesn't require any hourly scheduled surgeries.

However, it is unavailable at many of the local hospitals in small cities so that first step should be taken that is the availability of this treatment at every district level hospital inside the country and must be provided with the free charge to the countrymen. Poverty plays a huge part in maligning of the disease as a significant number of people can not afford even easily...

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