Kidnapped innocence.

Sometimes, the word 'kidnap' may seem normal in a society where we are struggling to survive. However, it leads to feelings of hopelessness, sadness, and distraction, not only for individuals but for society. I don't believe this message will melt the frozen hearts of those who lead the law enforcement agencies in Pakistan. I am also certain that they take pride in their appointed positions when introducing themselves to the public.

However, their pride raises several questions: What exactly are they proud of? Are they proud of the increasing number of kidnappings? Are they proud of the uncontrolled law and order situation? Are they proud of letting kidnappers go free? Or are they proud of the kidnapping of 4-year-old innocent Simrat Kumar from UmarKot, Sindh?

With each passing day, the rate of abductions is drastically increasing in Pakistan. There isn't a single day that can be called free from abductions. It appears that our...

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