Khattak claims Imran to be re-elected as PM in next elections.

SWABI -- Addressing the party leaders and workers at the district headquarters of Karnal Sher Khan Chowk, Pervez Khattak, the Provincial President of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), said that Imran Khan, the leader of their party, would be re-elected as prime minister of the nation as their party has become stronger in comparison to all other parties. He claimed that the PTI's popularity reached a peak as a result of the imported government's flawed policies and that the public is very well aware of what these leaders' true goals are and where their fugitive Khattak claims Imran to be re-elected as PM in next elections leader is. He claimed that this meant that the federal government's strategy failed. Pervez Khattak, who served as defence minister under the PTI government in the centre, claimed that the imported government devised numerous conspiracies, all of which not only failed but also backfired because the people were aware of the strategies used by the ruling elite to amass the wealth of the people and transfer it abroad. He said that for 70 years, the country was ruled by thieves and at present, there is chaos across Pakistan.

'we plunged into the field to save the country from thieves,' he said, adding that these people used to say that they will make the country right, but they destroyed the country. In the imported government, electricity became expensive, petrol became expensive and inflation became unbearable. 'The federal government tried to trap Imran Khan in the court, but when nothing happened, he was attacked,' he said. Imran Khan declared from the hospital bed that he was not afraid of anyone and will...

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