Khattak blames 'economic crisis' on Shehbaz govt.

HARIPUR -- Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf provincial president Pervez Khattak on Saturday criticised Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif's administration over wrong policies, which, he said, caused a serious economic crisis in the country.

Addressing a Haqeeqi Azadi March rally here, the PTI leader said the parties currently ruling the centre looted the taxpayers' money in the past.

He said the Pakistan Democratic Alliance, which formed the federal government a few months ago, had the 'so-called' experienced leadership.

'Had they [federal government] been good at governance and economy, the country would have not reached the brink of default on loans,' he said.

Mr Khattak called the current rulers 'jugglers' accusing them of ruining the country economically and politically.

He said the country witnessed the real socioeconomic progress during the era of military ruler General Ayub Khan, especially during the establishment of new industries.

The PTI leader said former prime minister Imran Khan had put the country on the way to development but he was ousted through a conspiracy and that a conspiracy had been hatched to assassinate him.


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