KE says digitalization, automation of processes improved customer facilitation.


K-Electric has taken several initiatives aimed at reducing the turnaround time for the provision of new industrial connections in Karachi. These include a faster and simpler process for applying for new connections, which can be submitted online as well. The number of required documents has also been reduced, and consumers can avail an e-payment option for their new connection estimate. Consumers can also use KE's online cost calculator and online case tracking to get the tentative cost and track the progress of their new connection application.

Initiatives like the launch of online portals for new commercial/industrial connections which made getting electricity easier, and announcement of tariff changes in advance have also been acknowledged by the World Bank as Pakistan has emerged among the top 20 reformers globally with initiatives in six indicators under the Ease of Doing Business score including the Getting Electricity indicator as well.

According to Spokesperson KE, "The power utility is committed to provide reliable and quality power supply with customer-friendly processes. We have been at the...

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