Kashmiris being faced with an unending ordeal of terror, trauma.

LAHORE -- The innocent people of the disputed territory of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ and K) have been faced with an unending ordeal of terror and trauma at the hands of Indian occupying forces.

Pakistan and India have fought three wars over Kashmir in 1948, 1965, and 1999, but have been unable to settle the dispute. After the partition of the Indian subcontinent, millions of Kashmiris felt unsafe and uncertain about their fate. They were required to accede to either of the two countries based on the wishes of their people and their geographical location.

Since 1947, Article 370 had given Jammu and Kashmir semi-autonomous constitutional status. Earlier, under its provisions, the region had freedom in all matters except its constitution, legislature, flag, foreign affairs, communications, and defense.

Anger has simmered in the region and the situation further worsened when the Modi-led regime on August 5, 2019, abrogated the special status of Jammu and Kashmir (J and K), by repealing articles 370 and 35-A. The Modi-led BJP government has also imposed a lockdown in occupied Kashmir, allowing Indian forces to perpetrate unspeakable crimes against the masses, with complete impunity.

It is worth mentioning that in IIOJ and K, including other bodies, the All Parties Hurriyat Conference has strongly condemned the Modi-led fascist Indian government for forcibly implementing nefarious agenda by usurping all-fundamental rights of the people of Kashmir, including social, political, economic, and religious rights.the old status of Kashmir is an attempt to usurp the rights of Kashmiri people by eradicating their fundamental rights related to their social, linguistic, cultural, economic, and political existence, former Chairperson, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Dr. Mehdi Hasan told reporter.

Abrogating Article-370 and Article-35A, the Indian parliament has illegally allowed non-Kashmiris to resettle in Kashmir permanently. Whereas actually, the Constitution of Kashmir first defines membership and settlement, Mehdi said. According to this amendment, non-Kashmiris are now allowed to buy property, keep it and settle in Kashmir permanently, he informed.

Moreover, the Indian forces were using rape, molestation, and sexual violence against women and children as a weapon of war, besides collective punishment, in a bid to suppress the legitimate freedom movement in the occupied valley,' Dr. Mehdi informed.


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