Kashmiri cuisines have unique delicious characteristics, earn distinction in local, int'l markets.

Byline: Syed Zulkifil Sarfraz

Geographically and historically the state of Jammu and Kashmir has a unique position in the SouthAsian region and isfamous acrossthe globe for its beautiful landscape, ethnicity, languages and cultural heritage. The region-specific foodstuffs such as Kashmiri apple, Kashmiri Saffron fields, and Kashmiri Wazwan are the part and parcel of Kashmiri culture. These ethnic- and region-specific foodstuffs of Jammu and Kashmir have earned a distinction in international as well as in domestic markets.

The Kashmir valley is world famous not only for its mesmerizing natural beauty but also for its cultural richness. Kashmir has been described as an ancient region possessing a distinct ethnicity, character, language, dress, customs, rituals, and a rich cultural heritage. The culture of Kashmir valley in Indian subcontinent is very diverse, multicolored, and multifaceted. The Kashmir valley is a brilliant blend of different ethnic groups and social entities an amalgamation of numerous civilizations that have inhabited the Kashmir valley, from time to time, and have left their impression on the Kashmiri culture . Kashmir has been at the crossroads of various civilizations and religions during the past 5,000 years of its history. Kashmir has been influenced by Chinese, Indian, Central Asian, and Persian civilizations and cultures.

Kashmir is said to have close cultural relations with present-day China, Tibet, Central Asian cities,Afghanistan, and Iran.All these factors have contributed immensely to the evolution and development of present-day Kashmir and Kashmiri culture. The history of Kashmir depicts various culinary practicesthat amalgamated into Kashmiri cuisine embodying the cultures of the different settlers. The specialty meat product of the Kashmir valley is Wazwan, which is a combination of ethnic meat products.

The blend of various aromatic spices with meat and meat products is the basis for ethnic and heritage Kashmiri meat products. The cuisines of Kashmir are a unique and inseparable component of Kashmiri culture. These consist from seven to 36 dishes of mutton or beef, chicken, fruits, and vegetables but the main nine meat-based dishes are the important ethnic meat products of wazwan. i.e, Kabab, Methi Maaz, Roghan Josh,Aab Gosh, Rista, Yakhni Gosht,Tabak Maaz, Korma and Goshtaba are some of the most important meat products of wazwan prepared from mutton and hot boned tender lamb or beef meat.

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