Karachiities battle gas: crisis.

I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to a very important issue in our area of North Karachi (Up: More), Karachi. For the past four months, there has been too much gas load shedding in our locality, causing people from all walks of life to become very worried and disturbed.

As we all know, with the start of the winter season in Karachi, we Karachiites have been met with an unusual gas load shedding that lasts up to 10 hours a day in most parts of the city. It has made it difficult for people to cook, bathe and carry out other household chores. The gas load shedding has been yet another burden on low and middle: income families who now have to rely on food from restaurants, which is usually overpriced.

During the morning, afternoon, and night, the gas supply is either low or stops...

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