Junaid soars high with his performance in 2019.


LAHORE -- With his charismatic looks, enchanted charm, and unbeatable talent; the musician-turned-actor Junaid Khan has been on the rise throughout this year with some back to back leading projects on the small screen.

Having starred in some of the biggest blockbusters of the year like 'KamZarf', 'Hania', 'IshqTamasha' and 'Sun Yaara', Khan has proven his versatility and acting prowess every time.

Fresh off the accomplishment of his latest concluded drama 'Yaariyan', Junaid is also going to star in another show 'Kashf'; by IshqTamasha's famed director Danish Nawaz alongside Hira Mani. Khan currently has multiple drama series running on different TV channels with some re-runs simultaneously.

It is no news that Call's lead vocalist, Junaid Khan, is Pakistan's only pop artist who is also one of the country's most talented actors.

Armed with two critically acclaimed albums, many blockbuster serials, tons of accolades and notable modelling projects, this award-winning dapper has his hands full with something interesting at all time. Fortunately, too many projects don't mean he is hopping from one set to another without being concerned for quality.

Recently in 'Mohabbat Na Kariyo', he is playing the character of Asad: a selfless, loving and humble man who belongs to an...

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