Judge Video Scandal case: Interim bail plea of main accused Nasir Janjua dismissed.


ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Cyber Crime Court has dismissed bail before arrest plea of the three suspects including prime accused Nasir Janjua in Judge Video Scandal case.

All the three accused including Nasir Janjua, Ghulam Jillani and Khurram Sharif were arrested following rejection of their bail before arrest plea on Monday.

The bail before arrest application of accused persons in former Judge Arshid Malik video scandal case came up before the special judge central Islamabad for hearing. Prime accused Nasir Janjua and Khurram Yousuf appeared in the court.

Defence counsel told the court that as per FIA report Nasir Butt evolved plan of video recording. Video of Judge Arshid Malik was made at different places including Jati Umra. The accused have no direct hand in the blackmailing of judge nor have these people made video.

FIA Assistant Director Legal Kalim Ullah Tarar took the plea more investigation is needed from the accused after arresting them. Credible evidence are found against these accused. All have special role in the matter.

Judge Tahir Mehmood inquired has Nasir Janjua name been mentioned anywhere in the report.

The defence counsel while refusing it said no allegation has been leveled against his client nor have the evidence provided. The name of those who...

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