Jirga resolves dispute over Pulrah tehsil headquarters.

MANSEHRA -- Local body members and elders of Lassan Nawab, Sawan Mera and adjoining union councils on Friday announced the withdrawal of opposition to the notification of Pulrah as headquarters of the newly-formed Tanawal tehsil in Mansehra district.

The announcement came after a jirga met in Perhana area with chairman and members of village councils as well as elders being in attendance.

Chairman of the Sehki village council Malik Sherjang Tanoli said the jirga participants unanimously declared that they accepted Pulrah as headquarters of Tanawal tehsil.

He said the council members and elders had decided to move the Peshawar High Court against Pulrah notification but withdrew the decision after the jirga announced that whenever Tanawal was made a district, Lassan Nawab would be its headquarters.

Elder Nawabzada Fayyaz Khan also said whenever the government notified Tanawal as the district, elders and council members would accept Lassan Nawab as its headquarters.

Former nazim of Lassan Nawab Aslam Tanoli welcomed the development and said he hoped that the residents of Tanawal as well as their representatives would jointly work for Tanawal's district status.

Lassan Nawab elders, council members announce support to govt notification

The jirga decree was signed by village council chairmen Nawabzada Khurram, Habibur Rehman, Bashirudden Tanoli, Sardar Nazir Mohammad...

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