Jilted lover shoots herself at boyfriend's workplace in Lahore.

A woman, mother of two, shot herself dead outside the shop of her boyfriend in Ghalib Market reportedly over the refusal of her marriage proposal by the man.

Sundas Nasir, 30, was married to a man in Faisalabad. The wedlock lasted for six months and she then married a man named Nasir in Karachi and had two children out of wedlock. Her marital relationship soured as the couple would often quarrel with each other on minor issues. She developed a relationship with a man named Ali Raza, who ran a photography shop in Ghalib Market.

Police said Sundas had been living with her sister Hina after fighting with her husband. Hina worked as a nurse in Lahore.

The victim reportedly wanted to marry Raza. She even moved to Lahore to convince him to marriage. However, he refused to tie the knot with her. This frustrated Sundas.

She made efforts to convince him but failed. On failure, she reached outside his workplace and shot herself dead.

Her suicide attempt was captured by a CCTV camera. In which she could be seen with a man. He walks towards her. However, after a few seconds, the woman walks a few steps away, pulls out a weapon and shot herself in the head. The bullet pierced her skull and she suddenly fell to the ground. The surrounding and the floor was tainted with bloodstains, as seen in the footage.

After the incident, nearby people called the police. A police team reached the spot on information, shifted the body to the morgue for autopsy and collected forensic, other evidence from the crime scene. The prime suspect was also taken into custody and grilled by the police.

Police have also asked for Call Data Records (CDR) of the victim and the prime suspect for further investigations into the case.

An officer shared with The Express Tribune that though it was an open and shut case, initial investigations suggested that the victim had committed...

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