JI wants dialogue among parties to end establishment's role in politics.

LAHORE -- Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) Emir Sirajul Haq has invited all parliamentary parties to a dialogue to construct a solid system to prevent the establishment from interfering in politics.

He told a press conference here on Thursday that the institution had already vowed to remain neutral. As a result, he noted, there was a need to design a system and, if necessary, new legislation to keep the establishment out of political issues in light of its commitment.

'We need a new social contract. Political parties must sit together to ensure the supremacy of the constitution.'

He said that the country required new elections and that it was the only way to end the current turmoil. But, he noted, the danger was that no one would accept the poll results, adding to the current instability. As a result, he stated, elections should be held following electoral reforms and with agreement from all political parties.

'I spoke with Imran Khan on Wednesday, and we addressed all of these concerns,' he added, adding that the JI would approach all other political parties in order to bring them to the table.

Mr Haq claimed that despite years in power, the PDM, PPP, and PTI failed to improve institutions and the democratic system.


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