Jemima Khan calls Sulaiman and Kasim's reaction to What's Love Got to Do with It the highlight of her experience.

Jemima Khan's upcoming film What's Love Got to Do with It? is not only her 'love letter' to Pakistan but also a celebration of artists from different countries and cultures coming together. We may have to wait a while to get our hands on the tickets but there was, of course, a special screening for her sons Sulaiman and Kasim, and their reaction made the entire experience worthwhile for the English filmmaker.

In an interview with Geo News, she explained why their approval meant so much to her. 'Their reaction has definitely been the highlight of my whole experience. They are not rom-com lovers [and] they don't like those kinds of films - they are my biggest critics. And obviously they're half Pakistani Muslim kids so whether they liked it or not was very very important to me,' she said.

'I got them in to see it and at the end of it, I could see them being a little tearful. I also heard them laughing and they said 'Amma we're so proud of you',' she said, adding that they knew how hard she has worked on the movie. 'I literally thought 'Oh well, if no one likes it, this is the moment to be proud of'.'

Khan also talked about why she decided to do this project. 'I set it as a challenge for myself and I also wanted to write a film that celebrated Pakistan. I wanted to show the colourful, beautiful, joyful place that I knew when I was in Pakistan as opposed to the Pakistan we often see on Western screens,' she said. The filmmaker gave examples of Zero Dark Thirty and Homeland in which Muslims and Pakistanis are depicted as 'the baddies' and Pakistan as 'a really scary, dark place'.

Saying she wanted to show the Pakistan she knew and celebrate it, she explained why Pakistan holds a place in her heart. 'From...

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