Jeep club members enjoy 'snow-cross' activity in Kumrat.


UPPER DIR -- Hundreds of tourists from across the country have started visiting the picturesque Kumrat valley in Upper Dir to enjoy snowfall.

Kumrat is known as an attractive tourist destination in summer and thousands of tourists visit the scenic valley. However, this winter tourists have started to visit Kumrat valley to enjoy snowfall.

The members of Islamabad Jeep Club visited the valley recently. They said that they had decided to visit Kumrat for 'snow-cross' activity. Syed Imran Haider, a member of the club, said their team was amazed to watch the valley during snowfall.

He said that Kumrat was different from Murree, Malam Jabba, Kalam and other tourist destinations because it had vast meadows and most of its area was plain that was easily accessible.

Another member of the team termed Kumrat a heaven on earth and said that the dense forests with crystal clear water of river and snow-covered meadows had made the valley a special tourist attraction.

The visitors said...

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