Japanese Diplomat Demonstrates Culinary Skills.

KARACHI -- There were two little frying pans and some chicken for the two delicacies, Chicken Tasuta Age and Chicken Teriyaki, being cooked by none other than Katsunori Ashida, the Deputy Consul General of Japan, at the Japan Information and Culture Centre here on Saturday. The Deputy Consul General of Japan was demonstrating his culinary skills during the live Japanese cuisine cooking demonstration as part of the 'Hamara Dostana' celebrations to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Japan and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Pakistan Japan Cultural Association (PJCA), Sindh. The diplomat started by cutting one portion of a couple of chicken thighs that he had de-boned already into bite-size pieces before marinating them in soy sauce and ginger garlic paste for the Chicken Tasuta Age.

That done, he turned his attention to the other portion for making Chicken Teriyaki. He prepared the sauce by mixing soy sauce, sugar and honey before grilling the chicken on either side. And doing so, he apologetically announced that he was also supposed to coat the chicken with cornflour, which he forgot. Still he was careful not to repeat that mistake with the Chicken Tasuta Age.

But what seemed more worrisome at that point was his packed audience and the two...

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