Jaffar's death drives a wedge between Legharis over succession.

DERA GHAZI KHAN -- The death of Jaffar Khan Leghari and the consequent feud over his political succession have repeated his tribe's history of such fights over succession. About 163 years back, during the British era such a feud had occurred in the Legharis and they needed mediation of their spiritual leader, Pir Syed Meher Shah, for reconciliation, keeping the tribe united.

Jaffar passed away on Dec 31, 2022 and the issue over the appointment of his political successor intensified in the Tumandar Leghari family of Choti Zaireen.

A similar dispute between Leghari elders - Jamal Khan and Jalal Khan - over the title of tribe's chief was settled by Syed Mehr Shah and Col Tayler and is recorded in the records of the government of Punjab and its dependencies as 'Memorandum on Baluch tribes in Dera Ghazi Khan district by captain C Minchin, Political Superintendent Bahawalpur (formerly deputy commissioner of Dera Ghazi Khan)'.

In 1860, a dispute between the Leghari chiefs, Jamal Khan and Jalal Khan, broke out, instigated by the wife of the latter. She was daughter of former chief of tribe Raheem Khan who was dispossessed by Jalal Khan and she was anxious to bring her own relatives again into power. The dispute was settled through Mehr Shah Syed residing near Layyah.

Dastar bandi by Dreshak widens differences between split Legharis

On Jan 2, Mohsin Leghari was declared political successor of Jaffar Leghari with the consent of his widow, Dr Meena Leghari, in Qul ceremony of the late MNA and the dastar bandi (the ritual of tying turban, a symbol of chieftaincy) of Mohsin was performed by Nasrullah Khan Dreshak. However, Dreshak performing the dastar bandi was considered a violation of Baloch tribal norms by the rest of the Leghari elders.

Former MNA and widow of Jaffar Khan Leghari, Dr Meena, has said in her statement the real heir to her late husband was their only daughter, Fatima Leghari, while Mohsin Leghari had been appointed as his political successor.

During the dastar bandi, the chief of Leghari tribe, Jamal Khan Leghari, and his elder brother MPA Awais Ahmed Leghari silently left the gathering.

Later, the chief of Leghari tribe made an announcement that he would appoint Jaffar Leghari's nephew, Yousaf Leghari, the son Jamil Leghari, a successor of the late MNA...

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