ITP needs to improve licensing policy, vigilance for safety of careless bikers.

ISLAMABAD -- Riding motorcycles is one of the popular means of community mobility but no defined standard for bikes to come on the roads, road thrills of young bikers and inability of the traffic police to keep check contribute towards making them most vulnerable road users.

The potential harm associated with accidents is greater for motorcyclists and their passengers than for other vehicle users.

But mostly the motorcyclists even do not care about their own safety and not follow the precautionary measures as bikes with faulty signals as well as headlights and without back view mirrors are commonly seen moving on the roads.

In addition, most of the young motorcyclists do not follow laws and their biking enthuse starts with watching movies and same drama is tried to be created on roads in real life.

In Islamabad, there are not much roads with luxury of 'lanes' except Kashmir Highway or Islamabad Express Way. There is no much space or special lanes for bikers who mostly have the vital point how to reach from one point to another point in shortest way and shortest time.

Along with such emotions of bike riders, the attitude of law enforces is not satisfactory. The first step of obtaining the driving license for influential is not a difficult task with Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) though it has strict standards for the common people and visitors.

Only Mr. Hanif, the staffer in protocol wing working under SSP (Traffic), is enough to get driving license once ordered by the SSP. It is a vicious circle which needs to be broken with the building of basic infrastructure and making the process of obtaining license a more tedious process by learning the rules and passing the exam.

Moreover, road stunts of motorcyclists and car drivers are not being seriously checked on Capital's roads.

The speeding bikes and cars, mostly driven by ill-behaved youth, remain on the rampage at the capital city roads on the weekends bringing the tall claims made by the traffic Police to ground.

The young bikers not only put their lives on risks while one wheeling and racing but also often bring worries to their families. Although numbers...

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