It all boils down to our system and parenting, says Hadiqa Kiani on the Scarsdale incident.

A bullying incident at Scarsdale International School has left netizens horrified and enraged at the gang-up against one girl and the videotaping of the alleged 'torture'. Singer-actor Hadiqa Kiani expressed her views on the matter, shedding light on the role of parents in the propagation of violence. She urged parents to get involved in their children's lives and the government and educators to implement a stricter protocol to protect children.

On Saturday, she shared a tweet thread to address and 'unpack' the issue. 'Parenting, mental health, drugs and alcohol, abuse, school surveillance, safety, elitism, power, trauma and so much more,' she started by highlighting the key words in the incident. Mentioning that there are many factors that lead to our society raising and protecting criminals while silencing victims, she said her heart breaks at the Scarsdale school incident.

She made the connection between parenting and the cycle of violence claiming that most parents are 'delusional and voluntarily ignorant' about their children's lives. According to her, this lack of involvement unknowingly causes severe trauma in children which manifests in the way they deal with others, 'in more extreme ways'.

She directed attention to all the bullying incidents that go...

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