Israel moves forward with West Bank annexation.


It is the perfect storm, a complete American acquiescence to Israel, coupled with political instability in Israel itself. The illegal Jewish colonists could have never imagined a scenario like this, where they are positioned as the country's kingmakers. Sure, the sad trajectory began as soon as Donald Trump became the American president. Almost instantly, the Trump administration composed a team of pro-Israeli hawks, whose sole job is to grant Israel all of its wishes. Unfortunately, Trump lived up to all of his promises. The latest fulfilled commitment was the disturbing announcement by US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, on November 18, that Washington no longer perceives the illegal Israeli Jewish settlements (colonies) as a violation of international law.

The outrageous decree was meant as another lifeline to embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The latter has failed twice, both in the general elections in April and again in September, to acquire the needed seats in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) to form another right-wing coalition. In recent weeks, embattled Netanyahu has made repeated pledges to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, including the Jordan Valley. By doing so, he is hoping to expand his circle of support, again with Jewish colonists being the main target audience The US announcement was welcomed by most Israelis, especially those within the Likud political circle. To assert their power, Jewish colonists accelerated their rampages across the West Bank and East Jerusalem, burning Palestinian crops and attacking civilians, thus using violence to send an unmistakable message: we rule the roost now.

In these difficult times, Netanyahu is keen to keep Israel's most influential constituency as close to him as possible. The prime minister's dismal setbacks in two consecutive elections have made him more vulnerable than ever, particularly following an indictment. American bias In recent weeks, embattled Netanyahu has made...

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