Islamabad gets two more police stations along with changes in jurisdiction of ten police stations.

ISLAMABAD -- Chief Commissioner Office Islamabad Capital Territory has notified the constitution of two new police stations in Islamabad and changes in the jurisdictions of ten police stations.

According to the police source, the purpose of establishing new police stations and changing the jurisdiction of ten police stations is to combat crime effectively and maintain law and order.

The newly established police stations are Humak and Sumbal police stations and the total number of police stations would reach 27 after it, a police source said.

Both new police stations have been named in the background of historical status. The jurisdictions of ten police stations have been also changed to increase police presence and proactive response.

The main objective behind this move is the prevention of crime, the establishment of public order and the improvement of public services. It is to mention that five new police stations have been established in the last year.

Police sources said that recruitment will also be done in Islamabad Police for new police stations. The proposed area of jurisdiction of Sumbal police station would be F-12, F-13, F-14, G-12, G-13, G-14, Thala Sayedan, Shello, Dhreek Mohri, Mera Aku and Mera Jafar. Similarly, Humak police station would cover Niazian, Kakpull, Mohra Kalu/ Mohra Nakyal, Sawan Camp, Zaraj Housing Society, DHA-2, Dhok Awan, Model Town, G.T Road, DHA-5, DHA Valley, Shaikhpur and Nara Syedan.

The jurisdiction of ten police stations has been also changed. According to the notification, the proposed area of Sangjani police station would be as follows: Mohallah Malkan, Purana Tarnol, Johad Road, Dhoke Ramzania, Dhoke Katrian, Saray Kharboza, Dhoke Abbasi, Dhoke Kashmirian, Dhoke Mughlan, Mohallah Usmania, Madrasa Road Dar ul Aloom Zakriya, Saray Madhoo, Dhoke Taman, Dhoke Pehlwan, Dhoke Rajgan, Dhoke Sulman, Sungjani, Dhoke Jori Garbi, G Dhoke Labana, Jori Sharqi, Chongi No 26, Dhoke Sawayan, Johad, Golra Station, C15, C-16, C-17, D-15, D-16, D-17, Dhoke Sangjani, Upper side Mountains (Sharki and Gharbi), Dhoke Jori, Dhoke Raja Mehboob, Sangjani Salim, Piswal and Badhana Khurd.

Golra police station would have the jurisdiction of D-12, D-13, D-14, E-12, E-13, E-14 Upside Mountains, Shah Allah Dittah, Dhok Lubhana while Tarnol police station would cover Chungi No.26, Shaheen Abad, Bynazir Chowk, Mirchan Stop, Itfaq Colony, Safina Road, E-15, E-16, E-17, F-15, F-16, F-17, G-15, G-16, G-17.

Shahzad town police station...

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