Islamabad Club not quite galloping.

THIS refers to the letter 'A mismanaged club' (Aug 25) about the affairs of Islamabad Club, which was nothing but a sad statement of facts. The club was established under the Companies Act of 1913 in 1967. An area of 244.8 acres was leased to the club by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), which has over the years expanded to about 352 acres; approximately half of a sector, or two subsectors of the capital city.

In July 1978, through a Presidential Ordinance, the club ownership was resumed by the government and the company was dissolved. Since then, the club has been operating under the Club Ordinance as a statutory body. The club is presently under the administrative control of the Cabinet Division as an attached department of the government.

The administration and assets of the club are in the hands of an administrator appointed by the federal government who is aided and advised by a managing committee, which is also appointed by the federal government. This lingering legacy of the colonial rule has been faithfully retained by clubs all over the country with the objective of providing exclusivity to the ruling elite, and to keep the riff raff, kaala loag, also called the people, away from the rulers' delicate beings.

During the initial years when Islamabad was being constructed and its future residents were being shifted from Karachi, foreign missions and embassies had also started relocating. There was a genuine need to have a place that may enable the foreigners to socialise and entertain themselves. For the lesser mortals, staff welfare centres were built.

During the early years, the club functioned very efficiently with...

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