IRD Commissioner AJK refutes malicious media campaign against his department.

MIRPUR [AJK] -- Commissioner Inland Revenue Department AJK Sardar Zaffar Mahmood Khan categorically denied the news reports appearing in a section of the press and social media regarding tax refunds to certain elements.

When contacted, Zaffar told reporter on Monday that no tax refund was issued to any company after 2018 - since the AJ and K government had imposed a ban on the refund of tax in June 2018 which, he added, was lifted in 2022.

'Legal notices are being sent to those involved in the malicious propaganda campaign against the IRD to damage the good reputation of the department whose overall annual performance of the collection of the levies and other functions have always been described by the government as splendid since its inception', he declared while responding to a question.

Sardar Zafar Mahmood Khan continued by saying that despite the withdrawal of the notification imposing the ban on the issuance of the refund, he didn't issue any refund to any company after 2018.

He observed that in fact the ongoing malicious campaign against the department has been launched by an internal quarter within the...

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