International Coverage.

The ongoing political crisis in Pakistan and the developments that have taken place since May 9 have received extensive coverage on international media outlets. This is of course expected given the scale of the crisis, the popularity of individuals involved, and the shocking pictures and videos circulating on social media. However, what is of concern is that the narrative that is being weaved abroad is simplistic and lacks understanding of the local context and what is taking place on the ground.

Former and current government officials, INGOs, foreign journalists, activists, and celebrities have all had a take on what is taking place in Pakistan. And while it is understandable for foreign outlets and entities to not have the same level of granularity in their reporting, what is problematic is the platforming of individuals with dubious track records and credentials. This is something that has been witnessed on multiple platforms such as Al Jazeera and TRT World. Of course, these outlets should be expected to do more background work to find credible voices to speak on such nuanced issues. At the same time, the restrictions on social media and tight control over the coverage of local media also...

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