International cardian unit opened at LUH, angiography of one patient done.

Medical Superintendent Liaquat Medical University Hyderabad/Jamshoro Muhammad Siddique Pahore inaugurated international cardiac unit at LUH and also carried out angiography of one patient.

Aim of setting up this unit is to provide treatment facilities to poor patients including angiography and angioplasty.On this occasion he was accompanied by director administration Abdul Sattar Jatoi, AMS general Dr, Shahid Islam Junejo , AMS Dr.

Shaukat Lakho, professor Abdul Sattar Memon, professor Fasih Hashmi, Dr, Kashif Shaikh, senior pharmacist Hafeez Shar and others.

On this noccasion MS said with cooperation of Sindh government modern units have been set up for treatment of patients where treatment is being made under modern technology.

He said at this hospital patients from 15...

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